WP Engine does not have this and that …

First, I would like to say that I’ve only had my WP Engine experience because I’m working on somebody else’s website, and that website is hosted at WP Engine. There may be some great advantages to using WP Engine, but I’m not in love.

Update: I’ve kept updating this post, and it’s turned into a lot of my gripes about WP Engine, not just a list of what it doesn’t have.

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WP Engine does not allow any changes to file or directory permissions

My WP Engine experience is related to a job I’ve been working on for the last week. I wanted to use wkhtmltopdf to generate some PDFs via PHP. Since wkhtmltopdf is an executable file, it would need to allow executable permissions for www-data (or whatever WP Engine’s user name is for apache). I tried to change permissions via FileZilla, but it couldn’t be done.

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My PHP MySQL SSH tunneling experience

First, little background on why I’m writing this blog post… I have a client that has a “semi-dedicated” hosting account. In most respects, this account is just a fancy shared hosting account, but they say there are less accounts on the server. The client’s website is on that hosting account. The client also has a server at another location. I have root access to that server, and the client wants to be able to have that server do direct MySQL queries on the website’s database.

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