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Switching from MySQL to MariaDB on Ubuntu 14.04

I’ve known about MariaDB for a while, but because I wanted my development machines to match my production environments, I just stayed with MySQL. Today I found out that the production environments switched to MariaDB, so I searched around the internet to find out how to do the switch on my development machines. All are running Ubuntu 14.04, so I thought that as long as I could do it on one, it would be easy to do the rest. Well, that would be the case if there were good instructions somewhere, but I had to piece together a solution that worked for me, as I was getting error messages after following the advice of others.

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Database Bloat by Transients

When I set up this blog on the production server, I thought I was going to be able to eliminate some of the database bloat by removing all of the default themes and installing my custom theme before running the install. My theme has some code in the functions.php file that removes all of the admin dashboard feeds. It didn’t work. WordPress expects there to be an activated theme, and isn’t smart enough to use the only one there is in the themes directory. I probably could have accessed the database and changed the theme before doing the install, but I’m not sure I would have achieved what I set out to do.

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What Happened to phpMyAdmin?

For as long as I’ve been working on websites that require MySQL databases, I’ve been working with phpMyAdmin. It does what I need it to do, and I probably only use a quarter of what it offers. I had noticed a year or two ago that the new version of phpMyAdmin was quite a bit different than what I was used to, and had resisted adopting the new version for as long as possible. Unfortunately, I’m now using the dreadful version 3.5.7.

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