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My PHP MySQL SSH tunneling experience

First, little background on why I’m writing this blog post… I have a client that has a “semi-dedicated” hosting account. In most respects, this account is just a fancy shared hosting account, but they say there are less accounts on the server. The client’s website is on that hosting account. The client also has a server at another location. I have root access to that server, and the client wants to be able to have that server do direct MySQL queries on the website’s database.

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Accidently Removed Myself From Sudoers!

I’ve used Linux for years, primarily Ubuntu Desktop and Server. Recently I had been purchasing computer parts, anticipating the building of my next computer. Last Monday I put it all together, and started in on loading my operating system of choice, Ubuntu 14.04. Moving forward, I then started installing the essential programs that I use. I really didn’t run into any problems, until I made a stupid mistake while adding myself to a group.

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Virtual Hosts in XAMPP on Windows 7 64-bit

Out of the box XAMPP only displays a single website, which is located in the htdocs directory. If needed, multiple websites can be served by implementing virtual hosts, which only requires editing 2 files. If you’ve been working with another type of server and have not been able to figure this out, don’t worry because it’s really easy.

In the <xampp>/apache/conf/extra directory, you will find a file named http-vhosts.conf. Lets say we want to add a domain named example and that it will be located at C:\xampp183\htdocs\example, here’s what we add to the conf file:

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