What Happened to phpMyAdmin?

For as long as I’ve been working on websites that require MySQL databases, I’ve been working with phpMyAdmin. It does what I need it to do, and I probably only use a quarter of what it offers. I had noticed a year or two ago that the new version of phpMyAdmin was quite a bit different than what I was used to, and had resisted adopting the new version for as long as possible. Unfortunately, I’m now using the dreadful version 3.5.7.

So, what are my complaints?

  1. When editing multiple rows, phpMyAdmin forgets about some of them.
  2. Tooltips are in my face, everywhere I move my mouse.
  3. The default ajax editing of multiple rows crashes my browser.
  4. I can no longer select a row by clicking somewhere in the middle of it.

I did manage to fix issue 3 and 4, but issue number 1 is the most serious of my complaints! It is very inconvenient to have to check that all of my edits were applied. It also makes we wonder if I can really trust phpMyAdmin with my data. What’s going on here?

Fixing the Ajax Editing of Multiple Rows

phpMyAdmin allows for turning off the Ajax editing of multiple rows. If you go to Settings > Features, you can just uncheck the checkbox labeled “Enable Ajax”.

Fixing Row Selection

Fixing row selection is a bit of a hack. On line 40 of js/makegrid.js look for this:


Change it to this:


I’ll be working on the other issues ASAP, and will post back if I find a solution. If you can provide me with any helpful information, please use the comment form below.

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