Community Auth V2.0.1 Released

Community AuthDevelopment of Community Auth has slowed way down since I made the decision to say farewell to CodeIgniter. I really had planned to keep investing time in it, but due to some irreconcilable differences with EllisLab and CodeIgniter, I decided that I was never going to upgrade Community Auth to CodeIgniter 3.X.X. I am currently working on projects that use both CodeIgniter and Community Auth, so I’m not just going to disappear, and do keep tinkering with Community Auth when I have time. Once CodeIgniter V3 is officially released, and if it looks like Community Auth downloads are down, I may elect to discontinue development and simply maintain the existing project.

If you look at the commit history, there are actually quite a few changes made to Community Auth in the last 3 months. I probably should have released a V2.0.1 back in December, but all this code was available for review while I was slacking off.

I don’t maintain a changeset for Community Auth, but the documentation should be up-to-date, and if you’ve been using Community Auth and want to see what’s new, please review the commit history.

Bitbucket showed that nearly 1000 people had downloaded the isolated version of V2.0.0. I have no way of knowing how many people downloaded the tip or the V2.0.0 tagged version, but am pleased to see that so many people are interested. V2.0.0 has been removed from the downloads page, and the older V1 download has also been removed. I hope you enjoy Community Auth V2.0.1. Please report any bugs using the issue tracker.

5 thoughts on “Community Auth V2.0.1 Released”

  • Hi !!
    I am a beginner in CodeIgniter and I have a project which is very important for me. So I must do it fast, in one day. When I was seeking a library for authentication and I found something which allowed more (Community Auth). My question is about your template file and how to activate the register page.
    Best regards!!
    PS. I want to create my own template. How a can do it.

    • Once you set up Community Auth, registration is turned off/on in the admin control panel. Just log in as admin and check out the registration settings page. If you want to change the template, just find application/views/templates/main_template.php and the main stylesheet is in /css/. Easy stuff…

  • Thank for your answer. I was in a hurry there, and I did not take the time to read the code! Right now I am able to to use it for doing basic things. I’ve got a new question: How can I add a new specific control to a field in my form? This field must be a composite by only digit and it’s length must be equal 13, also beginning with a 0 or 1. I see that you do the control in this file: formval_callbacks.php.

  • Christian Simon says:

    Please, how do I add content to the Customer’s index page when they log in, different from the one shown to the Managers? Thanks

    • If you take a look at the user controller, the index method handles the display of content for any user when they are logged in. You see a view being loaded, “user/user_index”. What you would want to do is check to see what kind of user is logged in. This is available in controllers by checking $this->auth_level or $this->auth_role. You would simply create your own view for the customer, then do something like this, replacing the current $data array:

      $data['title'] = WEBSITE_NAME . ' User Index';
      if( $this->auth_role == 'Customer' )
         $data['content'] = $this->load->view(
            'user/customer_index', '', TRUE
         $data['content'] = $this->load->view(
            'user/user_index', '', TRUE

      Notice that I named the view “customer_index”, so if you where using my code, you would have to create that view, because it isn’t one of the ones that comes with Community Auth.

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