Responsive Web Design

Having a website that doesn’t work on mobile devices, like iphones and other smart phones, just doesn’t cut it in the modern web. As a website owner, you need to provide a usable website for mobile phones, because an increasing number of people are using them. It doesn’t stop there though.[youtube code=”uNMw34Z63Ck”]You can’t get away with a single design for standard computer screens, and a separate design for small screen devices. Unfortunately, that approach will leave out medium size screens, like the ipad or other tablets. In the past, websites may have tried to detect the screen size it’s visitors are using, but this approach isn’t really a good option anymore, because there are so many screen sizes used by today’s internet browsing devices.

The answer to all of this is called Responsive Web Design. Responsive Web Design is a way to make a website display properly on any screen size. While not brand new, this type of advanced web design is new enough that it is only being used by only a small percentage of websites. The techniques used are not for beginners, and development time can be much greater than a standard website. That said, Responsive Web Design is the future of the web.

If you want to see some examples of Responsive Web Design, take a look at the Media Queries website. This site showcases responsive websites. You’ll see familiar companies like Time, Microsoft, Starbucks and more. View them on your home computer, then view them on your mobile phone, tablet, or any device. Your screen size may change, but the website will continue to display in a way that looks good.

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