Yes, I Dropped Support For IE8 And Down

My stats show that legacy Internet Explorer users rarely come to my site, so why spend time coding for them? Many of these people are probably die-hard Windows XP users, and I know they wanted to stay with XP because everyone hated Vista, but Windows 7 is really nice. I haven’t transitioned to Windows 8, but I do know that IE10 and IE11 render very nicely.

Legacy versions of Internet Explorer don’t support many CSS3 and HTML5 features that I consider essential. I also wanted to use jQuery 2. I get to lose conditional comments, and feature detection. I don’t have to worry about stupid IE bugs, and I don’t have to use any IE specific CSS hacks either.

Google dropped support for IE8 a long time ago. What do you think? Is it a risk you’re willing to take? For me the benefits outweigh any risk that may be involved.